Dolce Blue believes that beautiful lashes are for all women, in Austin, TX and beyond. Our eyelash stylists are professional, honest, and care about promoting your natural lashes health. We strive to provide a service that is relaxing, stress free, and has you feeling more confident and beautiful than when you came in.

Eye Lash Extensions | Lashes Austin, TX

Are you tired of coating your eye lashes with coat after coat of mascara?

Are you tired of having to apply fake lashes for that extra bit of glam?

Do you want to amp up your extra beauty?

Lash extensions are individually applied in one appointment and will shed with your natural lash cycle. Extensions are completely custom to your individual preference, as natural or glam as you’d like. Schedule an appointment today to enhance your natural beauty.

Brow Grooming | Lashes Austin, TX

In addition to our dedication in grooming beautiful lashes, our stylists are also highly trained in brow grooming. We offer a variety of grooming options from tweezing, waxing, to micro-blading. Our stylist will help evaluate what brow shape is best to frame your face. Our honest opinions will help you take your brow shape to the extra mile.

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting | Lashes Austin, TX

If you want to rock natural glam, or don’t have the time for the maintenance of extensions, tinting is the perfect solution for you! Tinting is a great replacement for having to remember to put on mascara or filling in your brows every time you go out. We can customize the perfect color whether you want them dark and bold or subtle and natural. Eyelash and eyebrow tinting is ideal for those with thin or light colored hair and can last 4-6 weeks.

Come In today!

Dolce Blue would love to be your one stop eyelash and brow grooming service in Austin, TX. Whether you want to get your eyebrows groomed, get your eyelashes tinted, or need an eyelash lift, our highly trained eyelash stylists are ready for any of your needs. We believe that beautiful lashes are for all women. Come in today to see instant and beautiful results!